Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Biofilm Protocol

This Biofilm Protocol is not a do it yourself protocol, but I thought I would let people know the supplements that have worked so well to get rid of the biofilm--and the yeast that has been such a problem. Since starting this protocol my son's rashes and yeast sensitivity have gotten much better. I would say he was miraculously cured--but I would have to find some wood to knock on. Geri Brewster in Mount Kisco, New York told me about this protocol. I recommend finding a nutritionist or doctor who understands the biofilm protocol before implementing it because, although it works for us, it is a new protocol. The absolute best article on biofilm I have seen is called Life on the Edge: The Clinical Implications of Gastrointestinal Biofilm written by Stephen Olmstead, MD, Dennis Meiss, PhD, and Janet Ralston, BS. It was a technical summary published by Klaire Labs. They have an article on their website that you can download about Interfase.


Interfase or Interfase Plus
1 or 2 calsules on an empty stomach for three days then add:
(1/2 hour later) Antimicrobial agent:
1 Olive Leaf Extract or
1 Undecylex or
1 SF722

Also on an empty stomach TWICE daily for 3 days add (2-3 hours after the supplements, with or without food:
•Prebiotic (Biotogen)
•Probiotic (Therbiotic Factor 1-1 cap)*we use Allergy Research Group GI FLORA

During regimen-can continue Omega 3 oils and amino acid supplements, but not multivitamins or minerals.
•10 days on and 4 days off
(During 4 days off: replete with multivitamin and multimineral)

Repeat this 2 week cycle, 6-9 times for approx 3-4 months on the protocol. If bowels loosen and/or symptoms increase, add modified cirtus pectin or activated charcoal.
• Begin with 3 grams, 3x daily
•Then increase to 5 grams 3x daily

Monitor all symptoms and report back regularly.

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  1. Interesting protocol. I have not yet tried OLE because I was concerned about increasing the biofilm. Is there research that shows the biofilm breaks down with OLE?