Friday, February 10, 2012

Antifolate Antibodies: Why Dairy and Folic Acid Might Be Triggering Mood and Brain Problems

Here is a webinar of Scott Smith on Antifolate Antibodies. Audio isn't great for first 5 minutes so just go to 3 minutes to begin video.
Methylfolate and Anti Folate Autoantibodies: New Findings, Benefits and Treatment

My son's positive test for Folate Binding Antibodies really explained why he had such a severe reaction to dairy--even thought it never showed up on any allergy or food sensitivity tests. The thinking is that these antibodies attack the brain and they are increased with consumption of dairy.

I used to think that we were sensitivity to dairy was because of the molecular similarity of gluten and dairy. But, now I know that it is a separate--but perhaps related issue. Besides being active with the National Autism Association, I also have a lot of connections in the celiac world. A friend who had celiac (and is, like my kids,positive for two genes for celiac) and has recovered from aspergers using biomedical approach ALSO has the antifolate antibodies--so perhaps celiac and the antibodies are related.

The treatment for this issue is:
  • removal of all dairy
  • removal of folic acid supplementation
  • supplementation of this form of Folate (as L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate*) 5-MTHFR by Thorne (Note: CONSULT A DOCTOR KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT FOLATE ANTIBODIES OR QUALIFIED NUTRITIONIST WHO KNOWS ABOUT FOLATE ANTIBODIES ABOUT DOSAGE AND WHETHER THIS PRODUCT IS SUITABLE FOR YOU...My kids takes 1,000 and our dosage for adults is 3,000 to 6,000 just to give you an idea of what we take. Although the medical professionals using this protocol tend to use much higher dosages of this product.)

We have not done particularly well on the Deplin which is the prescription formulation of the folate. I don't know if it is the high dosage in the prescription medication or the formulation of the product (which contains dyes etc.) Or the high dosages recommended by some doctors. We seem to do okay with fortified foods that have folic acid as long as we take the 5-MTHFR product.